A Very Special Photo Session- Bobby Jo

We had a very special photo session this last week! We were lucky enough to photograph a little dog from down south (way down south!) that had a special surgery at a local veterinary practice.

What surgery?

Little Bobby Jo had heartworms surgically removed from her heart! That’s right! A veterinarian went into little Bobby Jo’s heart and removed a big pile of worms! To find out more about how that works check out Parkside Animal Health Center’s post about heartworm removal surgery.

But back to the real star!

Check out this little ham!

Bobby Jo celebrating a successful surgery!

Bobby Jo had her surgery almost 8 months ago now and still had to undergo several treatments with a drug called immiticide to kill the remaining heartworms. Whoa! That’s a tough break! But you’d never know it just by looking at Bobby Joe! In fact, we had no idea she ever had anything wrong with her until her owners and Ricardin patrons mentioned her history. That’s when we started asking questions. This little dog actually had worms so bad that she had a heart murmur. That means her heart was so messed up it was making funny noises!

How did the shoot go? Well, this little dog is one of the most photogenic stars we have ever met! She has been on exercise restriction the last 6 months as a result of her heartworms but has recently received the all clear from her veterinarian to live it up. Doctor’s orders!

As you can see from the image up top, this little dog loves sticks. She loves grass, chasing bugs and swimming. In fact, this dog just loves life! She was a real joy to photograph but she didn’t make it easy since she spent most of her time jumping around and trying to get our attention. You’re doing it wrong Bobby Jo! We are supposed to get your attention!

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One other note! We think this is a good time to make sure everyone is aware that heartworm is in Colorado! While most dogs that are positive (like Bobby Jo) come from the southern US, there are still a handful of cases in Colorado and Midwest. Check out this heat map from the American Heartworm Association. 

While we don’t a lot of “heat” in our great state, the burner is still on. Better to be prepared than caught with a heart full of worms!